My Beacon Campaign!

Actors in Wajdi Mouawad's play 'Incendies'I recently launched a project on Beacon reader, a crowd funding platform for journalists. The project will help fund my reporting over the course of the next year and allow me to cover stories related to arts and culture and their intersection with social change in the United States and Middle East.
Your support is essential because stories about arts and culture are often overlooked by big media outlets. Yet, they tell us so much about how people experience and think about the world around them as their societies grow, change and go through conflict.
The way it works is you pledge anywhere from a $5 monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time up to a $1000 that will help me buy a plane ticket back to the Middle East this fall. If I get 35 people to support my project in this way, then my project will be funded!
In return, you will get access to all of the articles I publish on Beacon and all of the content published by other Beacon writers, who are reporting on unique, grassroots stories all over the world.
Find out more about my project here and support it if you can!

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